Re-City2017 Speakers




Lucy Bullivant, Dr., Hon. FRIBA 

is a leading architecture curator, critic, author and consultant who investigates and evaluates innovative synergies in contemporary architecture and urban design between theory and practice across cultures. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the history and theory of urban design at Syracuse University. Read more...

United Kingdom




David Pinder, Professor

holds the Chair in Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies at Roskilde University, where he joined in 2015, having previously taught at Queen Mary University of London for sixteen years. His interests lie in urban studies, geography, planning and critical theory. He explores how urban spaces are socially produced, imagined, performed and contested. Read more...





Laura Kolbe, Professor

is a Helsinki-based history scholar and non-fiction author. She holds the Chair in European History at the University of Helsinki and is on the Helsinki City Council. She describes herself as a humanist rooted in facts. As Kolbe sees it, trust is the basis for social stability. Social capital grows out of reciprocal relations. Read more...

Helsinki, Finland




Marketta Kyttä, Professor

holds the Chair in Land Use Planning at Aalto University. She studies the environmental experiences of people. The research themes include social sustainability of the living environment, health-enhancing community structure, and child-friendly environment. Read more...





Panu Lehtovuori, Professor

is the Professor of Planning Theory at the Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture. Before the current position, he was the Professor of Urban Studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture (2005-2008 in charge, 2008-2012 full professor). Lehtovuori and his team have received several prizes in architectural and planning competitions. Read more...